Welcome to René Schwietzke's homepage. This site gives you a small view into my life. My work, hobbies, and some other information. Compared with the previous version of these pages I added much more textual information. Hopefully this gives you an idea why I did these things the way I did. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions.

I consider three things in my life as hobbies: first of all POV-Ray, the famous, high-quality raytracer, and second photography, and last but not least my work as Software Quality Assurance Engineer.

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My Personal Weblog - YetAnotherBlog.de

Some weeks ago I started my own weblog. It contains entries about everything that concerns me. For example, news about PoV-Ray, current events and experiences, jokes...just a piece of everything. The entries are written in English or German, depending on the topic. Please visit my blog. At the same time, you can see a preview of my new homepage design. It will be rolled out to all my webpages as soon as possible.

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My Posters

POV-Ray and photography are my favourite hobbies. The output of both are a lot of images. Because I was asked to offer a few of them to the public I decided to publish my creations step by step. Zazzle.com gives everyone the chance to create and produce posters and shirts. A public gallery even allows the distribution to a wide audience. See my complete poster gallery at zazzle.com.

Cupy Madness 4 Cupy Madness 1 Dice theme VI
Cup Madness 4 Cup Madness 1 Dice Theme VI
Seashell, New Zealand small Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, Canada small Volcanic Rocls
Seashell, NZ Chateau Frontenac Volcanic Rocks, NZ