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Tunnel, Boston, MA

The tunnel to the Boston Logan International Airport on a Sunday morning. The picture was taken out of the driving car and afterwards shrinken to remove the reflections in the windshield. More Details...

boston-tunnel.jpg - 2005-02-20 - 768x327 - 42375 Bytes

Trucks in Vermont

This picture was taken near Mount Snow in Vermont, USA. It was a clear and nice winter day and the trucks just loooked good. Especially the parked one. More Details...

trucks-vermont.jpg - 2005-03-12 - 720x768 - 137609 Bytes

Simmon Hall, Boston, MA

This is the Simmon Hall bulding on the MIT campus in Boston. It uses a visual effect to look bigger than in actual is. The amount of small windows changes its appearance to a real high building. But when you get closer, it gets smaller. More Details...

mit-building.jpg - 2005-03-12 - 768x510 - 64709 Bytes