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Two Bugs in Love

This is more a nice funny picture and not a high quality one. Because I had not had a macro lens at this time. The bugs are about 5mm to 8mm long. More Details...

two-bugs.jpg - 2004-07-11 - 768x512 - 66356 Bytes

Big Shell, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA

This photo was taken during my second vacation in the USA. We went to Sanibel Island at the Gulf of Mexico for some days. Sanibel offers long beautiful beaches. One of their main attractions are shells. A big variety of different kinds of shells. I have never seen that much shells at a beach, sometimes in piles up to 50cm high. More Details...

bigshell.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x420 - 97095 Bytes

Blue Morpho, Niagara Parks, Canada

The Niagara Parks, Butterfly Conservatory is a wonderful place, especially for photographers. You can get really close to butterflies and take a shoot without hurry. On sunny days the light in the Conservatory is warm and bright enough to take photos without a flashlight, even with ISO 100. Taking a photo of the Blue Morpho with open wings was really a challenge. It could be seen everywhere but only with closed wings not showing it's full beauty. After chasing it for 15min, the butterfly gave me one chance to take a photo of his wonderful blue appearance. By chance, it rested in the middle of a large rock in a bright sun spot. More Details...

blue-morpho-butterfly-01.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x427 - 77526 Bytes