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Blue Morpho, Niagara Parks, Canada

This is the Blue Morpho butterfly you already know. I think it tried to anger me. Most of the time I saw him with open wings in a distance but after getting closer it just folded up the wings. More Details...

blue-morpho-butterfly-02.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x427 - 70976 Bytes

Unknown Butterfly

This is another butterfly form the Niagara Parks, Butterfly Conservatory. More Details...

butterfly.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x430 - 61973 Bytes

Ladybirds at Point Pelee, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada

Canada's southern-most point offers a variety of nature attractions. In the fall, you will find thousands of ladybirds sitting together on stones and branches at the beach. I do not know why. They are just sitting together but it seems to be a collective pass away ritual. More Details...

ladybird-at-point-pelee.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x432 - 69944 Bytes