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Image Library / California, USA, 1999

Artist's Pallet, Death Valley, California, USA

Death Valley is a wonderland for any geologist. The face of the Black Mountains along Artist's Drive is made up of the multicolored rock of the Artist Drive Formation. Aprons of pink, green, purple, brown, and black rock debris drape across the mountain front, providing some of the most scenic evidence of one of Death Valley's most violently explosive volcanic periods. More Details...

artists-pallet-04.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x429 - 70085 Bytes

A Tree and its Car, California, USA

At the beginning of our trip through California, we found three old cars married to trees. The owner of the scrap yard right across the street created this art gallery as an advertising for his business. More Details...

car-california-01.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 416x640 - 121820 Bytes

A Tree and its Car, California, USA

It seems to me that every car can unit with nature at the end of its life. This might not be the ultimate solution to get rid off it, but it is nice. More Details...

car-california-02.jpg - 2004-10-13 - 640x434 - 121320 Bytes