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Cornfield before Thunderstorm

After buying my new digital camera I drove to my parents and on my way home a thunderstorm came up. The cornfield was still in the sun while the background already was dark and dangerous looking. This is my first digital camera image that can be shared. The other ones are just testing images. More Details...

cornfield.jpg - 2004-07-03 - 512x768 - 149629 Bytes

Raindrops on Waxed Car Surface

This is the my car...ok, just a small part of it. It was freshly waxed and therefore the rain created nice bubbles. Thanks Dad for waxing it! More Details...

wet-waxed-car-surface.jpg - 2004-09-26 - 768x512 - 109997 Bytes

Neighbour's House

This is an image of raindrops on my window taken with a macro lens. More Details...

house-in-raindrops.jpg - 2004-11-13 - 768x512 - 62685 Bytes