My Gallery 2

Gallery's page 2 features my favourite object: a dice. I do not know why, but I love the dice object. It is inspired by a real game of dice. Two reds, two yellows, and two greens. Made of plastic with a nice glass effect.

Dice Themes

I started with a simple die shape like everybody does. dice 1 Cylinders are forming a cube, spheres are closing the corners, and boxes are filling the open object. But soon I discovered the gap between my game of dice on the shelf and the rendered image. But I learned recently that this simple die is called "Las Vegas die". Guess why?

My second approach was still simple. dice 2 An intersection between a sphere and a cube. This gives rounded edges and corners. The dotes are carved by spheres and afterwards filled with white hollow hemispheres. I chose a standard glass texture and just applied different colors to it.

I tried several arrangements and finally decided to put all objects on a textured plain. So these example images were created.

A plain with objects is a nice playground for a new and marvelous POV-Ray 3.X feature: focal blur. Focal blur simulates the behaviors of a real photo camera. The aperture of the camera is the cause for dividing every photo into a foreground, a center, and a background. Most of the time foreground and background are fuzzy. This supports the message of the image. Now POV-Ray allows to simulate this. dice 3

You can see that the overall image quality is not so high. Why? There are two reasons. First, the max_trace_level is too low. This gives black spots in the dice object. The pictures of the red dice is a good example for this effect. It has to be increased to the maximum value 256 to guarantee images with less or no errors. Please read this small explaination from the POV-Ray help about max_trace_level:

...This is used when a ray is reflected or is passing through a transparent object and when shadow rays are cast. When a ray hits a reflective surface, it spawns another ray to see what that point reflects. That is trace level one. If it hits another reflective surface another ray is spawned and it goes to trace level two. The maximum level by default is five...

And second, all pictures with focal blur are using the wrong settings (variance, confidence, and blur_samples). Therefore they look pretty grainy.

dice 4

These pictures are just the beginning of my dice madness. See redesigned and more advanced images on page 3.